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healthy life style


A healthy life style include two major elements: eat well and sleep early. Because sleeping and eating are two basic things we have to do to keep us alive.

To eat well also include to absorb well. The secret is, for you, eat when you feel hungry, and for the food, drink the meat soup.

Our immune system is like our army. It needs weapons or equipment and appetite to fight,

Our experience is that if you feel you are so hungry that you can eat a whole elephant, your immune system will be prepared to attack and eat anything which may harm your body. And when you are hungry you absorb much more nutrition from your food than you are not hungry (then your immune system are better equipped).

How can we reach that goal? The answer is to eat only 70% full so that you can feel hungry and at the same time you still have enough nutrition. In a whole day, the food you take is 30% breakfast, 40% lunch, and 30% supper. 70%full means you should not eat supper, so that you cut that 30% off. So we encourage our client to follow this simple diet, please click to learn the detail. If you have serious or difficult problem, we will ask you to drink the herbal soup to make you feel hungry and prepare for the further treatment.

Our body is like a working machine. Our heart is the engine. Sleeping is like recharge the battery. If you do not have enough energy, the engine can not work properly. If you do not have enough deep sleep, your heart will not bump enough power. Therefore, the power is only good for your basic need. The advance function of the body, like self diagnosis, self repair and clean up, will be suspended.These functions will be restarted when you have enough energy.

Only sleep early can make you fully recharge your battery (convert the nutrition into energy) and make the heart work hard. To make the heart work more efficiency, you can do the self massage to provide the heart more energy and reduce the resistance of the moving of the heart.

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